Fireweed (Epilobium angustifolium)

Dr. Uwaya Erdmann, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Since 1999, Dr. Uwaya Erdmann has considered it a privilege to practice her profession to provide safe and effective Naturopathic Health Care to people in her community, and around the world.

Rooted in a background of nature and ecology, with a strong interest in plant medicine, Uwaya studied herbal medicine traditions from around the world including first nations of North American (esp. Cherokee and Ojibway), English/German/French plant medicine preparations and applications, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Uwaya attended Trent University where she completed her BSc., graduating with the Gilbert Bagnani Medal for academic excellence. First year naturopathic medical school was achieved at Bastyr University in Seattle, and from there Uwaya completed the four year program at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM) in Toronto, honored to receive awards for botanical medicine and morals/ethics in her profession upon graduation.

Uwaya has been a teacher of botanical medicine formally at CCNM and casually in the community, leading herb hikes from time to time. Following up on a interest in homeopathy, she studied with the Hahnemann Instituut in Europe, studying and making remedies, and proving new remedies. She is a seasoned practitioner of acupuncture, including facial rejuvenation techniques. For more than 10 years, Uwaya was an advisor for naturopathic education at CCNM.

Dr. Erdmann believes that comprehensive naturopathic medical care is best when integrated with our current public health model, and seeks to cooperate whenever possible with other health care providers. She relies on conventional blood tests and specialist reports, as well as non-conventional testing where indicated to help people achieve optimal health, pain and symptom relief.

Dr. Erdmann is experienced in treating a wide range of health issues in all age groups, committed to optimizing health as well as preventing and treating serious disease. These include alternative and complementary treatments for: acute infections, digestive health, hormones, inflammation, musculo-skeletal issues, skin disease, auto-immune disease, cancer, etc. Looking at the whole person, in the context of family and health history, prevention is a crucial part of every treatment protocol.

During your visit, after an examination of physical and lifestyle effects, she may prescribe dietary and nutritional guidance, herbal teas and tinctures, homeopathic remedies, and professional health products. She may also recommend occasional or regular acupuncture sessions to maintain good health. She cooperates with the professional Dispensary at JoAnnes Place health store to provide natural medicines suitable for treatment.

Contact Us

Dr. Erdmann currently has a small practice in Peterborough. If you are seeking a Naturopathic Doctor, and think that she may be a good match for you, you are welcome to contact her at:

Peterborough Naturopath
694 Sherbrooke Street, 2nd floor
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 2P7
Phone: 705-755-0321